My Main Research Interests

My main research interests include the physical phenomena of seismic wave propagation, the detection and understanding of the multitude of seismic signals in seismograms, and the different strategies to image and constrain the structure of the Earth interior.

In my most recent work, I designed several new techniques to improve weak-signal detection and identification using individual seismic stations and one-component or three-component station arrays. My methods are based on new strategies, use the different seismic attributes and are data-adaptive. The weak signal detection is important to increase our constraints on the fine structure of the Earth. Automated signal detection/tracking/discrimination, and travel time determination are related issues which catch much of my interests to enable processing the increasing volume of good quality data.

Presently, I am also working on the localization and generation of microseismic noise, seismic interferometry (monitoring and imaging), regional tomography and the polarization and migration of reflected/converted waves.

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