Distinct Results

Software packages (follow links to download code and examples):

P-wave & S-wave velocity models (download plain text files):

Discontinuity depth maps (download plain text files):

  • Upper mantle discontinuities beneath Iberia and N-Morocco 2015-Bonatto_Iberia_410-660.tar.gz: Depth of the 410-km and 660-km discontinuities as published in Bonatto et al. (2015). The tar-file can be opened using tar xvf 2015-Bonatto_Iberia_410-660.tar. You will find 3 plain text files with station positions, and depths to the 410-km and 660-km discontinuities as function of bin position. File contents and format are explained in a README.pdf. These tables were used to generate the Figures 1b, 5,6,7,8,9 of Bonatto et al. (2015). See also Bonatto et al. (2013) for further information.

  • Paleozoic Ebro Basin (Spain) 2018-Romero_EbroBasin.txt: Here you can download Table S1 of Romero and Schimmel (2018) as text file. We use ambient noise autocorrelations to obtain the shallow subsurface reflection response in the Ebro Basin and focus to the Paleozoic basement. The table contains the station positions, two-way travel time of the reflected P-waves and the final discontinuity depths values obtained with our velocity models. Please, see Romero and Schimmel (2018) for further information.

Monitoring structural medium changes (detection & location):

  • Monitoring 2011 El Hierro, Canary Islands, submarine eruption 2018-Sanchez_ElHierro_volcan.mp4: Movie of scattering cross-section density maps at various lag times as function of time (recorded day). The movie shows the location of the medium changes for the different phases (e.g., 2011 pre-eruption, quiet periods, 2012 pre-intrusions, intrusions). Data analyses and inversions are explained in Sanchez-Pastor et al. (2018).

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