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Photography books Divulgative videos

Photography books

One of my passions is photography. A by-product of the coring campaigns is that after many years in science, I have been able to visit a large number of wonderful places where I could exert my passion. I have decided to publish the photographs I have taken (and I still take!) during these coring campaigns in a self-edited books under Creative Commons 3.0 licence. I hope that you will like them. Comments are really wellcomed!

El Maule Lake (Central Chile) [254 MB]

Napoli. Lights and Shadows [58 MB]

Divulgative videos

Sometimes I have been asked if I could explain using few words a large number of images what I am doing. Then I decided that the best way was to "produce" short videos. Unfortunately, they are in Spanish and Catalan (my two mother languages) as these videos are thought for a high-school audience. Nevertheless, here they are.

Sedimentary Geology and Global Change [20 MB]

Geology, fieldwork and the world: an amazing work [218 MB]
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